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Hello and welcome to our blog that is solely dedicated to energy saving and sustainable competitive

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We are here to provide information that will educate people on the matter how important energy saving

Sustainable electricity


We want to develop a sustainable and competitive electricity system that will be renewable and reliable without endangering the natural ecosystems we all depend upon.

Go public


To achieve our goals we must go public and engage with the investors, generators, associations, media customers, public, governments and stakeholders for the greater good.

Energy savings


We facilitate and encourage any adequate electricity supply and conservation from direct diverse resources as we are greatly dedicated to energy savings and environmental preservation.



One of our most important services is promoting the efficient use of electricity and we’re working on

Why save energy?

Besides the most obvious fact that saving energy saves money for all those using it, energy savings also mean the preservation of our natural habitat.

The use of electricity means burning fossil fuels and the effect of burning fossil fuels is what know as the global warming, our worst enemy.


Our Advices


Unplug any chargers

There are many good ways how to be energy efficient and the easiest way is to start from your home. Unplug any chargers and switch off any appliances that you don’t currently use or need to save energy and money.


Buy a room thermostat

Heating is one of the most efficient ways how you can save energy. You need fuel for heating and hot water. Something simple as a room thermostat can help to make a significant difference and you will save more money.


Turning off all lights

Maybe it seems like it can’t make a difference but turning off all lights can make a significant difference when it comes to energy and money saving. Turn up only the lights you really need and you’ll notice the difference.


Renewable energy resources

The best advice goes to the homeowners who can actually choose their own renewable energy resources. In most cases, energy saving is possible through getting better insulation which can reduce

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